International Space Station


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Easier access to the International Space Station for commercial users has become reality. We are a non-governmental organization for the commercial use of the International Space Station. The ISS forms the nucleus for human activities in outer space until today and we are honored to open the ISS for new customers. Industry response to date to use the ISS for their research projects, products and services has been rather slow. Our mission is to accelerate this development. Fly your product into space


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Microgravity Research

Interested to do your research in a microgravity? SB will provide you access to ISS resources

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Bring your product into market with a unique marketing campagne onboard the ISS

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The 7th german CanSat competition will start in August 2020. Team-up and send your ideas to

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Space Satellite Servicing Sation will use the ISS as an operational base for servicing s/c

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